Tier 3: Assistive Technology Team Assessment

    • This assessment process provides the team with an elaborate and detailed consideration process which is often recommended after Tier 1 and 2 AT considerations have taken place.
    • Families and school teams that request this process:
      • Serve students with complex and multifaceted needs
      • Have been unable to determine appropriate AT solutions despite engaging in a consideration process.
    • What to expect
      • Review of intake materials
      • Email and phone conversations with team members regarding student needs.
      • School visit including:
        • Staff interviews
        • Classroom observations
      • Assistive Technology Collaboration meeting (approx 2 hours)
        • Identify key tasks that require tools to access
        • Identify tools to trial
        • Identify team member roles and responsibilities
      • Oversight of AT tool trials (2-4 weeks)
      • Summary of tool trial outcomes and implementation plan
    • Time allotted for the process: 30 hours
    • To do list:

1.   Complete both the school and the parent intake questionnaires

2.   Complete info, photo/video release forms

3.   Submit forms and payment contract

4.   Submit current IEP, including present levels, current goals, services, accommodations, notes, and any assessment or progress reports connected to the current IEP

5.   Schedule a team meeting (when the assessment begins)

Optional additional services:

    • IEP or attendance: 2 hours
    • Follow-up consultation:at least 5 hours