Keyboarding Class Details

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations more than one week before the start of class are eligible for a full refund. We do not provide refunds with less than one week notice.

Kids with disabilities

We've worked with kids with a wide variety of disabilities including dsylexia, ADD, ADHD, CP, low vision, mobility issues, autism spectrum, and combinations of all of the above. We're committed to helping kids with disabilities learn how to advocate for themselves and figure out the accommodations that they need to be successful.

Do I have to stay for the class?

You're welcome to drop off your child or stay the entire time.

We have free wireless, there's a cafe in the building. We will not let a student leave by themselves unless we've made arrangements with you beforehand.

What's the age range?

Grade 4 through 12, the average age is 12 but age 9 through 18 is fine.

Is there homework?

Yes but no more than 15 minutes a night

Are the classes offered in other locations?

Not at this time – we have held classes at schools in the Bay Area but most of the classes are in our computer lab.