Department of Rehabilitation

For adults seeking jobs, computer access is often the make or break piece of the employment puzzle.

Computer skills can make a job applicant more attractive to employers, as virtually all jobs now require at least some level of computer use. We work with the California Department of Rehabilitation to provide computer access for their clients with disabilities.

We assess the individual’s computer needs, make recommendations in a written report to the DR counselor, and can provide technology set up and training on assistive technology solutions.

We make it easy for DR Counselors to get these services for their clients: a DR counselor can download a copy of our DR Services Form, fill it out, and fax it back to us. Counselors are also welcome to call us at (510) 841-3224 or email us to ask questions or arrange services.

To get the process going right away, download a copy of our Computer Access Referral Form (pdf). Once this form is complete, fax it to us at (510) 841-7956.