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Tech Help for A.T.

Anyone who uses assistive technology knows that it can be cumbersome and difficult to use, particularly when used in conjunction with another software program. Although many computer services are available to assist people with troubleshooting their computers, they usually do not know about assistive technology and how it can impact other programs.

The Up and Running Program aims to bridge the gap between computer support and assistive technology. We have found that all our Up and Running clients have the same three characteristics:

  1. They really need their computer to work.
  2. They have a disability that makes it harder to use a computer.
  3. They can't find anyone to provide support, particularly in-home support, to assist them in fixing their computer problems.

Our "Up and Running" program provides support for people who use AT and are having techical difficulties.

There is no charge for this service, but we ask everyone to make a donation to support the program, in whatever amount they can afford.

For more information on our Up and Running Program, call (510) 841-3224 or email us. You can also download the Up and Running application form (pdf).

The Up and Running Program is funded by a generous grant from the True North Foundation.